Eduardo Nunes


Sound advice.

Soundzipper designs spaces that look and sound like no other.
I worked with them to give them the visual identity and website their acoustic design deserves.


Acoustic Consulting

Singapore, 2014

Soundzipper is a Singapore-based acoustic design consultancy. They plan, design and build breath-taking rooms that look great and sound even better, but found it hard to explain to potential clients there's more to their work than acoustical engineering. They needed a voice that made people aware of the design work going on behind the scenes in all of their projects.

To help them find that voice, I did a complete overhaul of their visual identity, seeking to target a younger, more design-aware audience: musicians, architects and sound engineers in need of spaces that not only sound good, but look great as well. To help place them at the forefront of their market, I've also iteratively designed a brand new website, showcasing their past work and shedding a light on their business.